Feeligreen was created in January 2012 by a PhD in electronics. His aim was to create products that radically improve protocols and treatment in the fields of skin and health care.

He gathered a team of experts from the fields of micro-electronics, soft electronics, analytical chemistry and formulation in order to provide consumers with the latest and most efficient technology.

In 2015, Feeligreen launched its first ever beauty product in the form of a truly influential cosmetic device: Activ’feel, which uses non-invasive micro-courants and light therapy to increase the effects of our associated line of skin care formulae. This first connected device was controlled via a mobile App.

In 2016, Feeligreen adapted this product line to the sporting world.

The same year, the company chose to set up its HQ in Valbonne, France, at the very heart of Sophia-Antipolis science and technology park. A 600 m2 laboratory allowed Feeligreen to found a highly efficient R&D department and thus ensure that its clientele would benefit from constant innovation.

En 2017, Feeligreen launched two new cosmetic lines featuring cutting-edge technology:

  • I-feel PRECISION, which combines all of Feeligreen’s technology and savoir-faire into a high-precision applicator nozzle. This new technological asset is a miniaturized version of the technology used in Activ’feel.
  • A line of face-masks that micro-stimulate the user’s skin to decrease wrinkles and signs of fatigue.

Feeligreen soared to new heights when the SEB group became the company’s main shareholder in January 2019.